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Voice Actors Network is a place for the working/auditioning voice actor to connect and reconnect with our top industry professionals.

Our clinics are held at a professional sound studio in the Los Angeles area, and participants will have the opportunity to read for and receive direction & feedback from a top voiceover industry professional.  Instructors include voice directors, agents, casting directors, and working voice actors in animation, video games, commercials, promos, narration, audio books, and ADR/looping.

Our Digital Clinics are designed to help fine tune self-direction when recording from home, one of the greatest challenges we face as working voice actors today.  Similar to in-person clinics, participants will be emailed script copy, record their reads from home, and upload their MP3 to a password protected site where our guest instructor will listen and provide audio feedback on their read!

PREREQUISITES for all of our clinics include:  At least two years of basic acting classes, at least one year of VO specific training, and professional VO demos.  If you meet these requirements and are looking to connect with fellow VOers, professional voice and casting directors, click on the NEW TO VAN tab above to send us your information.  Helpful feedback on our reads and insight into the business of voice acting are valuable assets in pursuing a career as a voice actor.  Clinics hone in on the individual's skills to help identify what makes our auditions stand out, and provide the actor with a safe space to explore performances that go beyond the at-home or in-agency audition.

Being in the presence of an industry professional does not guarantee employment, as the clinics are for educational purposes only

Voice Actors Network reserves the right to refuse service to any individual who displays unprofessional conduct or behavior as so deemed by Voice Actors Network.

In order to attend a Voice Actors Network clinic, you must first apply by sending us your voice demos and telling us a bit about your training!  Click on the 'New To VAN?' tab above to fill out your application.


You must be an approved member of Voice Actors Network to audit a clinic.​ All members may audit any clinic, regardless of clinic type.