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Video Game Zoom Clinic - Kevin McMullan - Wednesday, February 16th | 7-10pm

Being in the presence of an industry professional does not guarantee employment, as the clinics are for educational purposes only.

Kevin McMullan
Casting & Voice Director

Video Game Clinic

Kevin McMullan is an independent VO Director and a game developer at his core. He has directed for over 10 years. For nearly 10 years prior to that, he was an in-house composer, sound designer, dialog director, and team lead at Ensemble Studios, creators of the Age of Empires series. His perspective as a game developer influences how he directs his sessions, as well as how he preps, communicates, and connects with his game developer clients. 

Kevin has cast and directed all styles of dialog and performances for all platforms (Console, PC, VR, Mobile). From the narrative (ex. Destiny series, Call of Duty, and Halo Wars series and other Halo projects,), to NPC/Voice of God/Singular Character style (ex. Crackdown 2, Heroes of the Storm, League of Legends), to creatures both cute and grotesque (ex. Lucky’s Tale, Fable: The Journey), to physical effort based styles (ex. Killer Instinct), and real world based voices and applications (ex. Nike+ Kinect Fitness, Windows Phone project). He’s cast/directed kids (ex. Halo: The Fall of Reach, Kinect Disneyland Adventures), and has done more family friendly material (ex. Pac-Man series, CastleVille,). He’s also directed celebrity talent including John Malkovich, Jon Bernthal, Stephen Fry, Nathan Fillion, Bill Paxton, Gina Torres among others.

Kevin is also Bungie’s Dialog Lead, which in addition to VO directing their projects, has him integrating onsite with story, design, and audio teams across the entire development process.

Outside of his game VO directing work, he has done script adaptation and VO direction for multiple live action film dubs and a couple anime series.


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