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ADR/Dubbing Clinic - Carrie Keranen - Thursday August 19th | 7-10pm

Being in the presence of an industry professional does not guarantee employment, as the clinics are for educational purposes only.

Carrie Keranen
Casting & Voice Director
ADR/Dubbing Clinic

Carrie Keranen is a voice over director who casts all her own projects and specializes in English Language Dubbing for both Live Action and Animation. She has directed multiple properties for Netflix including Neon Genesis Evangelion, Elite Season 2, Baby (all three seasons), Superdrags, Time Traveler, Biohackers (all seasons). She has worked with HBO and HBO Max on Veneno, 30 Coins and PATRIA, their flagship first dub. Having appeared in hundreds of voice over projects, she has an excellent understanding of what the actor is experiencing in the booth. Many of her actors have never done ADR before so she is great at working with new talent.  

We will be discussing auditioning as well as the technical and artistic requirements in ADR.

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