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ConVOs! "From Booth to Code: The Building Blocks of Game VO" with Maged Khalil Ragab and Patrick Michalak - Saturday, October 22nd | 11am-1pm

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"From Booth to Code: The Building Blocks of Game VO"
Saturday, October 22nd, 2022 - 11am-1pm on Zoom

About this ConVO:

As voice actors we often spend a great deal of time auditioning for roles in some of the biggest video games in the world.  But do we truly understand how our voiceover is integrated into these games, if and when we book the role?  Our work is just one ingredient in the recipe of building these highly intricate worlds, and the more we understand the process, the better equipped we are as working professionals.  So we've asked two experts from two of the most respected game companies in our industry to help share these insights.  Patrick Michalak from Insomniac Games, and Maged Khalil Ragab from Naughty Dog will answer all your questions, so that you have a more comprehensive understanding about where we fit in the process, how we can better lend ourselves to the project, and what it truly takes to build these multi-billion dollar games from the ground up.



Maged Khalil Ragab
Studio Dialogue Lead - Naughty Dog

For the past 25 years, award winning writer and director Maged Khalil Ragab has dedicated his career to telling stories in a multitude of industries.

As a former full-time record producer & song writer, he specialized in narrative driven works for many music legends. This easily propelled him down the path of filmmaking to direct narrative centric music videos, brand identity spots, and corporate storytelling. As his journey continued he broke ground as the first filmmaker to direct a BTS documentary for Ms. Lauryn Hill. He eventually transitioned to video games cutting his teeth as a Dialogue Designer on Madden NFL, then continued his storytelling journey as the first Dialogue Lead in the history of Naughty Dog — leading the largest team the studio has ever known. 

Since then he's directed many award winning works for The Last Of Us Part II, including the climactic set piece "The Final Fight" between Ellie & Abby; and Jerry's death sequences at the end of the recent remake of The Last Of Us Part I.  His contributions have helped the studio win many prestigious awards such as Best Narrative & Best Performance (BAFTA), Dialogue Of The Year (G.A.N.G.), and Best Cinematics (MSPE).  

He clearly has landed himself in the unique position to utilizing his eclectic skill set as a liaison between the technical and artistic aspects of great storytelling.


Patrick Michalak
Dialogue Supervisor - Insomniac

Patrick’s current role of Dialog Supervisor for Insomniac Games requires a very specific and unique skill set. In a single day he will be the casting director, voice director, union signatory, scheduler, talent wrangler and therapist.
His experience at BioWare, Dice and now Insomniac Games has enabled Patrick to see video game dialog from many angles.  His AAA and VR credits include: Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3, Mass Effect Andromeda, Dragon Age 2, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Anthem, Star Wars Battlefront, Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, Stormland and Stranglets.
Patrick started his career as a studio engineer recording and editing dialog for Radio, Television and Film. His introduction to video game VO started at BioWare; recording, editing, and mastering hundreds of thousands of lines of dialog for both Mass Effect and Dragon Age franchises. 
In addition to his audio chops, Patrick has cast and directed space operas, sci-fi adventures, shooters, comic book adaptations, post dystopian thrillers and cartoon calamities.  One project had 1001 characters in it’s universe, that’s a lot of auditions.